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Stepper Direct
The best 'Little Stepper' motor drive in the world,
 and now represented in South Africa by CNC Direct.

Please note that CNC Direct carry the full range of Geckodrive products.
The G203V is a new clean sheet design from Geckodrive,
employing the latest CPLD logic to provide unrivalled performance!
The 'V' stands for Vampire because you can't kill it!! (Well, I guess if you really try...)
Compatible with all existing drives offered by Geckodrive.

Stepper Motor Drives

G 203V ( New! )


  •  7A 80VDC
  •  Short-circuit protection
  •  Reversed-polarity protection
  •  Over-temperature protection
  •  Over-voltage protection
  •  Optoisolated Step, Dir and Disable Inputs
  •  2.5V, 3.3V and 5V logic compatible inputs
  •  Recirculate mode while motor is stopped
  •  350 kHz maximum Step pulse frequency
  •  Top settable adjust trimpot
  •  Power and Error LED indicators
  •  No user settable jumpers inside
  •  Internal socketed fuse
  •  Power-on reset
  •  20 kHz switching frequency
Price R1795.00 Excl. or R 2064.25 Incl.  
Ex - Stock.  

Please see our Ordering page for conditions of sale.

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